Vas 1

by Daughn Gibson

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4 songs about friendship. In "31,'16", a young boy confesses love to the ghost of his dead babysitter. In "White on White", a dope sick white nationalist tries to convince a girlfriend to start a revolution. In "Goshen Well" a reluctant loner and his buddy stumble on the body of a middle school peer. And finally, a song rejoicing in the beauty and talent of a famous "Friend of a Friend"


released October 27, 2016

recorded in Carlisle, PA
Mastered by Mark Trewalla


all rights reserved



Daughn Gibson Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Recorded in Carlisle, PA
Mastered by Mark Trewala at Full Circle Mastering, Phila, Pa

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Track Name: 31,'16
Kathleen don't talk
When she hold my hand
then the rain come along
31, '16
Daddy don't call
Mommy with a friend
then the rain come along
cowboy in a dream
She dressed me up tight in the vest
and my heart beat faster when she said
"You look the part, rugged little man"
Wet streets all the way, until the end

Out on the rich roads
I saw the sheriff and I saw the wolf
I needed her love like nicotine on mischief night
With a the painted faces in the bright light

Kathleen don't talk
When she hold my hand
then the rain come along
31, '16
I couldn't walk up to Jeffersons
then the rain come along
cowboy in a dream

We went by the tracks in the rain
It was there that I saw you dead again
And if you ever take away my heart
(I know you will)
I'm gonna come like a faint heartache the way my love should
Track Name: White on White
I'm waitin on
a text from the job
a future in the moon gets the pride hot
Cheese you are so sugar
Viva viva Lone Star dope
We bend down, side to side
in the last garden of hope
You and me could be flyin
But my militia don't got a flag

I know ya wanna come around
ready or not
oh child we'll be white on white
and if not, well you gotta shoot me up with
the last damn gun in town

I'm leakin all
over the cot
trouble in the shelter when the bag's hot
I'll eat your race for supper
Viva viva American hope
I bend down
side to side
I won't be pushed shoved or pulled
I need divine right
When I'm violent on wine

Gone in seconds
Your color was love's sun
Way back in time
When time was mine
Track Name: Goshen Well
It wasn't easy having an only friend
But "give it time" that's what my mother said
We would laugh walking to school
Breakin the Kent's out and flickin the Kools

Half a mile to Goshen Well
A body not goin anywhere
I said "easy does it"
But that friend of mine
He took the long way every time

I was a baby I was an ugly fool
But it was young and it was ugly too
We took a turn, burning the teeth
And then I did what he wanted to see
Track Name: Friend of a Friend
There's 700 hundred people in the room
and we had eyes over you
It was the last night I ever had
with my friend of a friend

You're a wonderful actress, breaking the rules
the world has eyes over you
It feels so good to think about you again
Oh my friend of a friend

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